Reshaping the Boundaries(2016)

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Song Gang, ed., Reshaping the Boundaries: The Christian Intersection of China and the West in the Modern Era. Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong Press, 2016.

ISBN 978-988-8390-55-7



Table of Contents:

Introduction: Boundary-Crossing Words, Beliefs, and Experiences: Late Imperial China’s Encounter with the Modern West (Song Gang)


Chapter 1. “Sinarum gentes . . . omnium sollertissimae”: Encounters between the Middle Kingdom and the Low Countries, 1602–92 (Thijs Weststeijn)


Chapter 2. Russian-Chinese Cultural Exchanges in the Early Modern Period: Missionaries, Sinologists, and Artists (Nikolay Samoylov)


Chapter 3. Th e Wind Qin: Hearing and Reading Chinese Reactions to the Pipe Organ (David Francis Urrows)


Chapter 4. “Supreme Nation”: The British Image in Karl Gützlaff ’s Novels Shifei lüelun and Dayingguo tongzhi (John T. P. Lai)


Chapter 5. “Sacred Heart” and the Appropriation of Catholic Faith in Nineteenth-Century China (Ji Li)


Chapter 6. Local Magistrates and Foreign Mendicants: Chinese Views of Shanxi’s Franciscan Mission during the Late Qing (Anthony E. Clark)


Chapter 7. A Religious Rhetoric of Competing Modernities: Christian Print Culture in Late Qing China (Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye)


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