China, Christianity, and the Question of Culture(2014)

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China, Christianity, and the Question of Culture(2014)

China, Christianity, and the Question of Culture(2014)

By Yang Huilin Foreword by David Lyle Jeffrey Edited by Zhang Jing

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Baylor University Press (October 15, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1481300180
ISBN-13: 978-1481300186

Christian missionaries in China have been viewed as agents of Western imperialist values. Yang Huilin, leading scholar of Sino-Christian studies, has dedicated himself to re-evaluating the history of Christianity in China and sifting through intellectual and religious results of missionary efforts in China. Yang focuses upon local histories of Christianity to chronicle its enduring good. China, Christianity, and the Question of Culture illuminates the unexplored links between Christianity and Chinese culture, from Christianity and higher education in China to the rural acculturation of Christian ideology by indigenous communities. In a distinctly Chinese voice, Yang presents the legacy of Western missionaries in a new light, contributing greatly to now vigorous Sino-Christian theology.

Foreword by David Lyle Jeffrey

Part I: Christianity and Chinese Culture

1 Language and Missionary Universities in China

2 Three Questions in the Dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity

3 Inculturation or Contextualization: Interpretation of Christianity in the Context of Chinese Culture

4 “Ethicized” Chinese-Language Christianity and the Meaning of Christian Ethics

5 The Contemporary Significance of Theological Ethics: The True Problems Elicited by Auschwitz and the Cultural Revolution

Part II: Theology and Humanities

6 The Value of Theology in Humanities: Possible Approaches to Sino-Christian Theology

7 The Potential Value of Contemporary Theology for Literary Theories

8 Six Problem Domains in Western Marxists’ Theory on Religion

9 To Reverse Our Premise with the Perverse Core: A Response to Žižek’s “Theology” in Chinese Context

10 From “Difference” to “the Other”: A Theological Reading of Heidegger and Derrida

Part III: Scriptural Reasoning

11 James Legge: Between Literature and Religion

12 The Possibilities and Values of “Scriptural Reasoning” between China and the West

13 Scriptural Reasoning and the Hermeneutical Circle

14 The Chinese Union Version of the Bible and Its Hermeneutical Analysis


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“Professor Yang Huilin is a significant and highly respected voice today in Sino-Western ‘Christian studies,’ that is, the intellectual cross-cultural discourse among philosophers, theologians, and public intellectuals on the future of Chinese society and the possible places where some forms of Christian ideas might fit. This collection of some of his essays from the past decade is both erudite and stimulating.”

—Daniel H. Bays, Emeritus Professor of History, Calvin College

“Yang’s essays cover a remarkable range of thinking and one can only hope that, at a time when much of the scramble to establish links between Chinese and Western universities is unseemly, hasty and unattractive, this serious and intellectual voice is clearly heard and engaged with in both universities and beyond.”

—David Jasper, Glasgow University, Literature and Theology, (28:2, 2014)

“Yang’s work is the product of a lifetime of careful retrieval and cultural assessment of the contextualization of Christian thought in China. Each essay is a jewel of erudite scholarship. I cannot recommend it highly enough for Western readers who want to understand thinking in China today.”

—Very Rev. Professor Iain R. Torrance, Pro-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, President-Emeritus of Princeton Theological Seminary, Former Moderator of the Church of Scotland

“Yang Huilin is a major new thinker on the meaning of language, translation, and Christian theology after postmodernity. His words will re-orient future discussions of religious language and meaning, from West to East.”

—Peter Ochs, Edgar Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies, University of Virginia,_Christianity,_and_the_Question_of_Culture.html



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