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Journal of Research for Christianity in China (Semi-Annual, ISSN: 2325-9914) is published jointly by the Center of Chrisitanity and China in Los Angeles, USA and the Center for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, Shanghai University, China. This journal was founded in 2013. Submissions or any comments should be sent to this email address: ChrisianStudies@163.com. More information, please visit this website: ChineseCS.cc.






顾问Editorial Advisor:

李 灵(美国洛杉矶基督教与中国研究中心)
Daniel L. LI (Christianity and China Research Center, Los Angeles)

主编Editor in Chief:

Qinghe XIAO (Shanghai Unviersity)

副主编Associate Editor-in-Chief:

俞 强(上海大学)
Qiang YU (Shanghai University)
彭 睿(南昌大学)
Rui PENG (Nanchang University)
刘 平(复旦大学)
Ping LIU (Fudan University)

编辑委员会Editors Committee:

Jianbin GUO (Southwest Minzu University)
Huaisi SONG (Hubei Minzu Universtiy)
Yilin XIE (Jinan University)
奚 望(北京大学)
Wang XI (Peking University)
聂 利(中南民族大学)
Li NIE (South Central University for Nationalities)
Nathanael WANG (Chung Yuan Christian University)
Vicky Lianghui SUN (University of Notre Dame)

助理编辑Assistant Editor:

Yi WANG (Shanghai University)


Journal of Research for Christianity in China (Semi-Annual, ISSN: 2325-9914)
No. 19, December 2022








编者的话(谢伊霖) 1
From the Editor(XIE Yilin) 1


一般论文 7
Articles 7


《以斯帖记》与普林节(李思琪) 8
Esther and Purim(LEE Lydia) 30

《马可福音》神圣逻辑中的上帝论(查常平) 31
The Concept of God in the Divine-logic of Mark’s Gospel(ZHA Changping) 44

东方使徒文献与景门尚医传统(朱东华) 45
On the Convention of Medical Commitment in the Perspective of the Eastern Syrian Apostolic Documents(ZHU Donghua) 64

图像、权力与身份:从视觉修辞角度重读《路加福音》二十章20–26节(经敏华) 65
Image, Power and Identity:A Rereading of Luke 20:20–26 from a Visual Rhetoric Perspective(JING Minhua) 79

蒙头祷告讲道还是闭口不言?(王学晟) 80
Praying and prophesying with coverings or Remaining Silent: A Probe into the Two Contradictory Periopae in 1 Corinthians(Nathanael Xuesheng WANG) 111

文化人类学视阈下保罗书信对早期基督教会的建构(王梓) 112
On the Construction of Early Christian Church in Pauline Letters: From A Cultural Anthropological Perspective(WANG Zi) 129

在苦难中历练:《约伯记》中约伯受难的分析(徐俊) 130
A Spiritual Exercises in the Disaster: An Analysis on Job’s Suffering(XU Jun) 155

An Ancient Near Eastern Pun and Its Poetic Function: Exegesis of Job 3:1-12(Erika Qian LIANG) 156

廉建中的《圣经》书写与本色化特征(刘丽霞) 167
On the Biblical and indigenous Characteristics of Lian Jianzhong’s Literary Writings(LIU Lixia) 184

救恩论与基督教中国化(唐洪林) 185
Soteriology and the Sinicization of Christianity(Paul Honglin TANG) 208

圣经诠释视域下的希腊正教生态神学简介(李琳) 209
Biblical Interpretation in Greek Orthodox Eco-theology(LI Lin) 230

耶稣比喻的同构性(胡蓉) 231
The Isomorphism in the parables of Jesus(HU Rong) 243


书评 244

Book Reviews 244


就地取材、以繁驭简:插画圣书的别致情怀——评《图像传声:明清天主教圣经插图版书》(邱慧) 245
知人论世,向死论生——《人过留痕》书评(杨林) 248
以人文砥砺艺术,因艺术敞现人生——评查常平著《当代艺术的人文批评》(蒙可晴) 251
社科评鉴学视域下的耶稣运动研究——《从基督到基督教:耶稣运动的发生、发展和转型》述评(谢伊霖) 254


编辑部启事 256
Announcements from the Editors 256


中国基督教研究优秀论文奖 257
中国基督教研究优秀学生奖学金 258
《中国基督教研究》稿约 259
《中国基督教研究》注释体例 260







From the Editors

XIE Yilin (Jinan University)

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Esther and Purim

LEE Lydia (Fudan University)

Abstract: The history of every Jewish festival mentioned in the Hebrew Bible is found within the Pentateuch, except Purim, the establishment of which is recorded in one of the Megilloth, the Book of Esther. This article illustrates the secondary nature of MT Esther 9:20–32 within the book, before outlining various arguments for its pagan origin. In addition, with the help of several primary sources, such as the Second Book of Maccabees, the colophon of Septuagint Esther, and the rabbinic sources, we conclude that Purim has become one of the most important Jewish festival since the Hellenistic Period. Throughout the centuries, when the Jews were living under foreign rules, the topsy-turvy exhilaration accompanied by the celebration of Purim gave rare chances for the marginalized Jews to unleash their suppressed hope and desire.
Keywords: Book of Esther, Purim, Hebrew Bible, Hellenistic Period, Jewish Festivals


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摘要:在讨论了《马可福音》的神圣逻辑作为福音的内涵后,本文论述了其中作为永生的、天上的父与全能的上帝论。在马可看来,祂同时也是上帝之国中的上帝,即属于 耶稣门徒共同体的上帝。正是在这个意义上,《马可福音》奠定了基督教初期神学的基础,值得汉语神学界的深入关注。


The Concept of God in the Divine-logic of Mark’s Gospel

ZHA Changping (Sichuan University)

Abstract: After this paper discusses the significance of the gospel in the Divine-logic of Mark’s Gospel, it treats with the concept of God who is an eternally living, Father in heavens and almighty one. In Mark’s mind, He is also God in the Kingdom of God, belongs to that of Jesus disciple’s community. Mark’s Gospel, therefore, gives a basis of the theology of earlier Christianity. It is worthy for Sino-theology today to delve into this Gospel.
Keywords: Concept of God, God’s Kingdom, Divine-logic, Mark’s Gospel


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On the Convention of Medical Commitment in the Perspective of the Eastern Syrian Apostolic Documents

ZHU Donghua (Tsinghua University)

Abstract: In the Middle Ages in Eurasia, there was an economic and cultural network built along the Silk Road, among which Nestorian Christianity were undoubtedly one of the more active groups with greater contribution. Chinese and foreign scholars have long noticed the characteristics of Nestorian party by their medical service, medical team and medical quality. In the process of deeply participating in the construction of the community with a shared future along the Silk Road, their medical activities are undoubtedly a very important part. It is precisely because of their dedication to upholding medical enterprise and being good at medicine that the medical teams of Nestorian Christianity have won respect and support from people in their society. Therefore, they have also made many achievements and made their own unique contributions to the construction of a community of shared future in which diversity is compatible, adversity is shared and weal and woe is shared. This paper aims to outline various manifestations of the Nestorian tradition of medicine, and on the basis of interpreting the Eastern Syrian apostolic documents, explore the characteristics, connotation and ideological basis of the Nestorian concept of medicine, so as to clarify the basis for the formation of the Nestorian tradition of medicine.
Keywords: Nestorian Christianity, commitment to medical treatment, the Eastern Syrian apostolic documents


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Image, Power and Identity:A Rereading of Luke 20:20–26 from a Visual Rhetoric Perspective

JING Minhua (Shandong University)

Abstract:The recent “visual turn” in biblical studies emphasizes the rhetorical power of the interplay between images and words in biblical interpretation. This rhetorical perspective stressing the significance of the visual provides us a fresh understanding of Luke 20:20–26, especially of Jesus’s controversial answer to the question: “Is it lawful for us to pay tribute to Caesar or not” (Lc 20:22). This paper argues that by evoking the rhetorical power of the image on a denarius, the Lucan Jesus gave this question an open answer. This kind of answer made his teaching attractive to the widest streams of Jewish communities, at the same time expressed his peaceful and yet critical attitude towards the politics and ideology of the Roman Empire.
Keywords: visual rhetoric, Roman Empire, coinage, tribute to Caesar


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Praying and prophesying with coverings or Remaining Silent: A Probe into the Two Contradictory Periopae in 1 Corinthians

Nathanael Xuesheng WANG (Chung Yuan Christian University)

Abstract: Following a close examination of these two seemingly incongruous pericopae, “Veil While Praying and prophesying” (1 Cor. 11:5–6) and “Women Should Remain Silent” (1 Cor. 14:34–35), it is discovered that the Apostle Paul supported gender equality and encouraged women’s participation in worship as well as other ministries. His message, “Veil While Praying and prophesying,” is more concerned with how the nascent church is perceived in society than it is with how women conduct themselves within the church. The conflicting pericope “Women Should Remain Silent” should be a late interpolation, as shown by both internal and external evidence, and is consistent with some of the teachings and requirements of the Deutero-Pauline epistles.
Keywords:coverings, praying and prophesying, remain silent, contradictory pericopae


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On the Construction of Early Christian Church in Pauline Letters: From A Cultural Anthropological Perspective

WANG Zi (Minzu University of China)

Abstract: From a cultural anthropological perspective, this paper aims to explore how Pauline letters constructed the early Christian church by borrowing and adapting key concepts and images from ancient Roman culture of honor. After a brief introduction to culture of honor, the paper first discusses how Paul used the concept of family to construct the early believers' identity, that is, the believer's acquisition of the honorable status as the children of God through faith. Second, the paper discusses how Paul used the principle of reciprocity to construct the concept of fellowship, not only by emphasizing that believers should live morally in return for God's grace, but also by affirming that the honorable status of being the children of God is "righteous" in itself. Finally, the paper discusses how Paul responds to the problem of boasting in the culture of honor and highlights the absolute value of this new fellowship of faith in the hierarchy of honor. Understanding the construction of the Christian church in Pauline letters from a cultural anthropological perspective reveals the interaction between early Christian faith and the social culture of the time, also gives us the possibility to understand the core concepts of Christianity from a new communal perspective.
Keywords: Honor, Pauline Letters, Early Christian Church


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摘要:关于《约伯记》中约伯的受难议题,一直是学者们讨论的热点。本文通过分析约伯受难前后的状态,来揭示他的成长过程。在约伯受难之前,他并不是一个完全的义人,他对耶和华的信仰,具有报应论的特征。 耶和华故意降灾给约伯,使他在苦难中塑造信仰和品格。在约伯醒悟后,他重新看待自己和世界的关系,他善待女儿,并受到耶和华的鼓励,积极参与到对恶的斗争中去。由此,本文认为,耶和华故意试探约伯,是为了让约伯在苦难中磨炼自己。


A Spiritual Exercises in the Disaster: An Analysis on Job’s Suffering

XU Jun (Henan Normal University)

Abstract: The sufferings of Job in the Book of Job have always been a hot topic among researchers. By analyzing Job's state before and after sufferings, this study attempts to reveal his growth process. Before encountering sufferings, Job was not a completely righteous man, and his faith in Yahweh was characterized by the retribution. Yahweh deliberately allowed calamities to befall Job in order to build his faith and character through sufferings. After he came to realize the truth, Job re-examined and corrected his relationship with the world. He treated his daughters with true kindness, and was encouraged by Yahweh to actively participate in the war against evil. Therefore, this study argued that Yahweh deliberately put Job in trials in order to promote him through sufferings.
Keywords: The Book of Job, Job, Sufferings


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An Ancient Near Eastern Pun and Its Poetic Function: Exegesis of Job 3:1-12

Erika Qian LIANG(McGill University)

Abstract: The story of Job is part of a larger ancient tradition. Situating the possible translations of Job 3:8 within the Ancient Near Eastern context, this essay focuses on how the poetic language functions in Job 3:1-12. I suggest that both renditions of “day” and “sea,” albeit the difference, are faithful in their approaches to the original text. the rendition of “sea” echoes the primary meaning found in other ancient texts. Translating yom as “day” has a three-fold significance: it preserves the recurring words’ linguistic equivalence in the source text and coheres with the structure of intensification, underscoring the author’s desire to strengthen the power of the curse. The use of the Aramaic pronunciation cre-ates the pun as it expresses the secondary meaning, “day,” which also seeks to intensify the curse. We note that “sea” associated with the sea god, Yamm, and Leviathan, echo several Ancient Near Eastern motifs, especially the curses found in their literary traditions and those found on incantation bowls.
Keywords: Job 3:1-12, Old Testament, Wisdom Literature, biblical poetry, translations, phonetic, poetic intensification






On the Biblical and indigenous Characteristics of Lian Jianzhong’s Literary Writings

LIU Lixia (Jinan University /Shandong Uninversity)

Abstract: In the 1940s, the development of Chinese Christian literature showed a more obvious characteristic of indigenization. A representative as Lian Jianzhong (Lian Ronghu),a poet from Wuxi, published a series of Chinese Christian poems "A Hundred Hymns for Heavenly Logos", "Collections for Religious Poems", "A New Aria for Gospel" and other works on Collections for Christianity(《基督教丛刊》, Jidujiao Congkan), and all in the form of Chinese traditional poetry. As a result, all these poems with Christian thought elucidated the Chinese traditional culture successfully and Its hard work was recommended and affirmed by the Christian scholar Wang Zhixin. In the process of indigenization of Chinese Christian literature, the integration made between Buddhism and Chinese literature can be used for reference for Christianity, which is the consensus reached by many Christian scholars, such as Wang Zhixin, Zhao Zichen and Liu F.
Keywords: Lian Jianzhong;an elucidation for Bible;A hymn for Ten Commandments;indigennization;Wangzhixin


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Soteriology and the Sinicization of Christianity

Paul Honglin TANG (Guangdong Union Theological Seminary)

Abstract: Due to the exclusionary stance of soteriology, many Christians’ lives are divided into the holy and the secular. By analyzing three common positions of soteriology (exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism), this article shows that salvation is entirely possible outside Christianity, or among non-believers. In addition, the article also reflects on the gospel or salvation in light of Scripture, maintaining that the core of the good news is God himself, or the kingdom of God. To be saved is to enter the kingdom of God, but the kingdom of God lies not in the future, rather, the rule of God sets in the present. Therefore, the life of believers should be centered on the kingdom of God, and live beyond the life of the transcendent kingdom in the moment. Further, it is the life of obeying the Lord and managing the earth. The faith-centered practice not only helps to break down the barriers between believers and non-believers, but also necessary to build a harmonious China and thus further deepen the sinicization of Christianity.
Keywords: exclusivism, inclusivism, kingdom of God, pluralism, sinicization of Christianity


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Biblical Interpretation in Greek Orthodox Eco-theology

LI Lin (Minzu University of China)

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the core ecological views of the Greek Orthodox Church based on biblical interpretation through the biblical references in the environmental encyclical of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, a representative figure of the Greek Orthodox Church, and the interpretation of the corresponding biblical ecological theological views by Greek Orthodox theologians. These core insights include: the iconic perspective of the Greek Orthodox Church's experience of nature in the eternal dimension of the Eucharist, which holds that all things have the presence of God's power; that ecological catastrophe arises from the reproduction of human sin, the progressive failure of the natural order to glorify God through the transmission of the firstborn's sin of rebellion against God from generation to generation, repentance is therefore a prerequisite for ecological endeavour; that the reconciliation brought about by the crucifixion of Jesus involves not only man and God, but also the earth; that imitating the love of Christ and loving God is the driving force behind Christian concern for ecology; that in the eschatological dimension, the Church is also confronted with the problem of whether it has taken care of the weak creation entrusted to it by God and how it will pay its debt; that the Church has the important role of prophetic teaching and cosmic priesthood in contemporary ecological ministry.
Keywords: Greek Orthodoxy, Eco-Theology, Biblical Interpretation, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew


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The Isomorphism in the parables of Jesus

HU Rong (Sichuan Rongen Lawfirm /Sichuan University)

Abstract: Based on the author’s definition of the structure of Jesus’s parables in other article, this article analyzed the isomorphism of the language relationship between the parables’s text and their relevant explanation in the synoptics. it’s the conclusion that the isomorphism is one of the essential elements of the parables of Jesus. Above all, since Jesus set the parables with the isomorphic thinking model, following the way of Jesus to interpret the parables is the straight way to it.
Keywords: the synoptics, the parables of Jesus, isomorphism


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