Hongfan Yang, Ite missa est—Ritual Interactions around Mass in Chinese Society (1583–1720) (2021)

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Hongfan Yang, Ite missa est—Ritual Interactions around Mass in Chinese Society (1583–1720) (2021)


Hongfan Yang, Ite missa est—Ritual Interactions around Mass in Chinese Society (1583–1720) (2021)

Leiden: Brill, 2021.

Hardback ISBN: 978-90-04-49957-7

This study is the first book that explores how the Catholic Mass was introduced and propagated in late Imperial China. Its dynamic exploration reveals the tension between localized and global forms of Catholic rituals, especially the tension faced by missionaries and Chinese Catholics, who were caught up between the Chinese tradition and the Catholic one. Drawing on rich primary sources, some of which are rarely noticed in the field, this book unfolds the intriguing interactions between the Mass and various cultural expressions of Chinese society, including traditional religion, architecture, art, literature, government, and theology.

Yang Hongfan, PhD (2019), Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Peking University, is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sinology, KU Leuven. She has published several articles on intercultural contacts between China and Europe.

List of Figures and Tables

Introduction to Ritual Interactions around Mass
1  Prologue
2  Paradigm of Ritual Interaction
3  Ite Missa Est
4  Structure and Sources

1 Object of Worship: Grand Ritual of Sacrifice to the Lord of Heaven
1  The Lord of Heaven as Object of Worship
2  Jesus as Object of Worship in Mass
3  Conclusion

2 Intention of Worship: Mass for Salvation of the Souls of the Deceased
1  Salvation of the Souls of the Deceased at Catholic Funeral
2  Relationship between Mass and Sacrifice to Ancestors
3  Salvation of Souls of the Deceased in the Communion of Merits
4  Conclusion

3 Performer of Worship: Indigenous Clergy along with Indigenous Liturgy
1  Catholic Priest’s Multiple Identities in China
2  Anticlericalism against the Teaching of the Lord of Heaven
3  Indigenous Clergy and Indigenous Liturgy
4  Conclusion

4 Place of Worship: Ritual Space and Ritual Time of Mass
1  Ritual Space of Mass
2  Ritual Time of Mass
3  Christendom in Chinese Society
4  Conclusion

5 On-Going Interactions
1  Glocalization of Catholic Rituals in Chinese Society
2  Applications of the Metaphor of Weaving
3  Tension between Inheritance and Adaptation
4  The Intermediary



More: https://brill.com/view/title/61144?language=en&contents=editorial-content

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