Chloë Starr, A Reader in Chinese Theology (2022)

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Edited by Chloë Starr
Translated by Chloë Starr
Imprint: Baylor University Press
Waco: Baylor University Press, 2022

Paperback: 9781481312103
Hardcover: 9781481312097

From the writings of Jingjing, a monk in the eighth century, to essays from contemporary church leaders and academics, Chinese theology offers distinct perspectives within the world church on matters from sin and salvation to Confucian-Christian practice and Marxist materialism.

Chloë Starr draws together the writings of Chinese theologians for an English-speaking audience, providing a much-needed resource for scholars and general readers. This anthology, based on He Guanghu and Daniel H. N. Yeung's Sino-Christian Theology Reader (漢語神學讀本), presents an extensive selection of ecclesial and scholarly theological writings from mainland China and provides explanatory context of the historical and theological background for each pre-modern and early twentieth-century text, along with brief biographies of the authors.

Ecumenical in scope, A Reader in Chinese Theology brings God to new light through a variety of sources: early Church of the East texts; Roman Catholic writings from the Ming and Qing; singular Taiping treatises; twentieth-century Protestant writings across the church spectrum; and an assortment of academic essays showcasing "Sino-Christian theology" from the Reform Era (1978–).

Part One: Traditional China
1 Tablet Eulogizing the Propagation of the Illustrious Religion in China, by Jing Jing
2 True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven, by Matteo Ricci
3 Treatise on Supplanting Doubts, by Yang Tingyun
4 A Brief Explanation of the Hanging Picture of the Creator & Memorial Statement: On How to Judge the Teachings, by Xu Gaungqi
5 Introductory Summary to the First Collection of Works on Heavenly Studies & Reading the "Jingjiao Stele," by Li Zhizao
6 Ultimate Discourse on Fearing God and Loving Others, by Wang Zheng
7 Good Words to Admonish the Age, by Liang Fa
8 Teachings on the Origin of the Way, by Hong Xiuquan
Part Two: Revolutionary and Nationalist China
9 Letter to the Pope, Requesting the Establishment of a Chinese Academy, by Ma Xiangbo
10 Systematic Theology: Revealed Theology, by Jia Yuming
11 The Indigenous Church, by Zhao Zichen (T. C. Chao)
12 The Bride of Christ, by Wang Mingdao
13 The Way of Salvation: The Judgment at Golgotha, by Ni Tuosheng (Watchman Nee)
14 How Catholicism Resolves Social Issues, by Xu Zongze (P. Joseph Zi, S.J.)
15 The Renewal of Christianity and the Revival of the Chinese Nation, by Wu Leichuan
16 Christianity and Materialism: Confessions of a Christian, by Wu Yaozong (Y. T. Wu)
17 "Mortification," from The Interior Carmel: The Threefold Way of Love, by Wu Jingxiong (John C. H. Wu)
18 The Logos Discourse in St. John's Gospel, by Luo Zhenfang
19 The Cosmic Christ, by Ding Guangxun (K. H. Ting)
20 The Task of Theological Construction for the Chinese Church, by Chen Zemin
21 The "Already" and the "Not Yet" & "Unceasing Generation," by Wang Weifan
22 How Is Modern Sino-Christian Theology Possible? by Chen Cunfu
Part Three: Contemporary Theologians and Academics
23 On the Construction of a Chinese Feminist Theology, by Gao Shining
24 Reflection on the Modes and Significance of Eternal Life, by Zhang Qingxiong
25 The Philosophy of Life in Zhuangzi and Ecclesiastes: A Comparison, by Liang Gong
26 Inculturation or Contextualization: Interpretation of Christianity in the Context of Chinese Culture, by Yang Huilin
27 The "Four Incipient Virtues" in Confucianism and Christian "Original Sin," by Zhao Lin
28 My Views on Sino-Christian Theology, by Zhuo Xinping
29 Salvation and Wandering, by Liu Xiaofeng
30 Causes and Consequences of the Theoretical Systemization of Christianity, by Li Qiuling
31 The Frustrations of Yan Mo: The Identity Crisis of an Eighteenth Century Confucian Catholic, by Li Tiangang
32 Christian-Confucian Interaction in a Modern Context, by Sun Shangyang
33 Mission in the Chinese Church, by Cao Shengjie
34 God's Promise and Eschatological Hope, by Gao Ying
35 Success through Christ and Failure through Antichrist: A Reflection on the Reformation's Transformative Influence on Chinese Culture, by He Guanghu

《国际汉学译丛》第1辑(2023) 新书出版


目 录 中国哲学研究 米洛什·茨尔年斯基与中国哲学 [ 塞尔维亚] 伊利亚·马里奇 著 洪羽青 译 康德谟著:老子与道家 [ 法] 康德漠 著 胡 迅 译 中西文化交流史研究 闵明我评注龙华民《关于上...


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