REVOLUTIONARY Full Bible Theology from Israel, China’s Sole Path to Superpower Preeminence(2015)

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Mendel Edwardson, REVOLUTIONARY Full Bible Theology from Israel, China's Sole Path to Superpower Preeminence: Overturning Judeo-Christianity is the Reason for Modern Israel's Existence (2015)

"REVOLUTIONARY Full Bible Theology from Israel, China's Sole Path to Superpower Preeminence" is a prime spiritual update; and a Bible study unto itself; explaining current political and economic realpolitik. Part I 'The Closing of the Judeo-Christian Era' declares with Biblical, photographic and other proofs: the 1963 'thief in the night' Second Coming and the absolute end of the Jesus blood covering; confirms God's new name; and warns that America no longer has its inadequacies deflected by grace. In addition, there is the anecdotal observation of "something missing" from America, surreptitiously stolen by providence and deposited in China: A fair shot at the "American Dream" for all has slipped away in the USA. Part II, 'America as Temporary Carrier of God's Will,' emphasizes scriptural timing and supernatural signals. Part III, 'America's Fatal Flaws,' uncovers the Bible explanations of America's descent and the consequent passing of enlightenment from the planet. Part IV, 'The White Age of Religious Naivety is Resolved in China,' is the conclusion. The disquieting Interregnum power shifting from the USA to China is God's continued westward move. Yet, no Sino renaissance is possible until there is a fresh spiritual basis. China at present has no such thing but the ancient Sino 'Mandate of Heaven' finally receives the correct theological formula from Israel, resurrected in the modern era for this purpose. The hugeness of the shift out of mainstream Judeo-Christianity and into the third realm is nearly beyond words. As stated in Daniel 12:7, the forthcoming religious dispensations outbound from Israel are three in number. Only the first of the three has taken place: 2000 years ago what became Christianity was "exploded out"(the Biblical Hebrew word "nefetz" although the King James version uses the word "scatter") of Israel complete with the crucifixion. It traveled westward across Europe, into America and now updated and yearning to enter China. Today's bursting out of New Truth from Israel is in the making but at present barely perceptible. Obscuring in the modern age from instantaneous data overload, is the loss of the significant differences between information, knowledge and wisdom. General comprehension is hindered as bombardments of the mood of the moment perturb. Along with these difficulties is the fact that the observations which layer this work are subject to the perennial limitation of the oracular going unrecognized. All such revealings go beyond conventional conception. "REVOLUTIONARY Full Bible Theology from Israel, China's Sole Path to Superpower Preeminence" is a witnessing and an exhortation. It warns that there has again been a shift of theological dispensations. Let there be no naivety. The alarm does not fully resound. The rational case has never been enough. There must be powerful providential admonishments.

Paperback: 266 pages
Publisher: ODS (February 17, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0692386750
ISBN-13: 978-0692386750



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