Conference: Reading Christian Scriptures in China (Oxford, 8-10 January 2007)

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Reading Christian Scriptures in China

Oxford, 8-10 January 2007
Monday 8th January

(All panels will be held at the Institute for Chinese Studies, Oxford
University, 207)

9.15 am                        Welcome, Opening Remarks

Panel I                          Setting the Scene: theoretical
approaches to Reading Christian Scripture in China

Discussant: Sun Yi (Renmin)

9.30 - 10.15 am           Liu Ping (Fudan)

The Word Incarnate in China over 1365
10.15 -11.00 am          Thor Strandenaes (MHS Norway)

The Bible in China, 1900-2000:
Literature for Religious, Ethical,  Everyday or Literary Purposes?

11.00 - 11.15am          COFFEE BREAK

11.15 ¨C 12.00am          Zha Changping (Sichuan)

An Assessment of Studies of the New
Testament in Mainland China 1976-2006

12.00 ¨C 12.45pm         Chen Jianmin (Sichuan)

Modern Chinese Comprehension of and
Attitudes towards the Bible

Panel II                        Public Proclamation

2.30 -3.30pm               Keynote I  Mark Fang (Fu jen, Taiwan)

Translating and Singing the Psalms
in Peking, Hong Kong,   Taiwan and Manila

3.30 -4.15pm               Lars Laamann (SOAS)

Chanting the scriptures, expelling
the ghosts:a� Sacred texts in popular Christian ritual, c. 1770 ¨C

4.00 -4.45pm               TEA BREAK

4.45 ¨C 5.30ppm             Chloe Starr (Oxford)

Reading Scripture in Nineteenth-Century

5.30 ¨C 6.15pm             Discussion and Summary of Day

Tuesday 9th

Panel III                       Biblical Hermeneutics I : Practitioners

Discussant: Ben Quash (Cambridge)

9.15 - 9.45am              Grace Hui Liang, (Zhejiang)

Interpreting the New Testament from
a Confucian-Christian Perspective ¨C Wu Leichuan's Practice and
Contrribution to Chinese Biblical Hermeneutics

9.45 ¨C 10.30am        Richard X. Y. Zhang (Sun Yat-sen)

An Effort to Represent the Gospels to the
Chinese Mind: A Note on T. C. Chao's approaches to Biblical Texts in
The Life of Jesus

10.30 ¨C 10.45am          COFFEE BREAK

10.45 - 11.00pm         Keynote II Sze-kar Wan (Andover Newton)

Competing Tensions: The Search for
Protestant Biblical Hermeneutics during the May Fourtha�

12.00 ¨C 12.45pm         Fredrik Fallman (Stockholm)

Hermeneutical Conflict? Reading the
Bible in Contemporary China

Panel IV                       Biblical Hermeneutics II: Texts

2.30 ¨C 3.15pm             John Yieh (Virginia Theological Seminary)

Reading 'The Sermon on the Mount' in
China: A Hermeneutical Inquiry on Its History of Receptiona�

3.15 - 4.00pm             Tian Haihua (Sichuan)

Confucian Catholics? Appropriation
of the Decalogue: A Cross-textual Reading

4.00 ¨C 4.15pm             TEA

4.15 ¨C  5.000 pm           Zhou Pingping (Qinghua)

The Role the Internet is Playing
for Chinese Believers Searching  and Translating Scriptures


5.00 ¨C 6.000pm             Discussion and Summary of Day



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