CFP: The Basel Mission 1815 – 2015: Reviewing History – Tackling the Future

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International Symposium

„The Basel Mission 1815 – 2015: Reviewing History – Tackling the Future”

24 – 26 September 2015, Basel, Switzerland



To whom it may concern


On 25 September 2015 the Basel Mission celebrates the 200. anniversary of its foundation. For the bicentenary of the Basel Mission we invite you to an international Symposium in Basel. Renowned specialists from universities and churches from all over the world will discuss three main points of focus:


-          Polycentric Approaches to Mission History

-          Transformation of Mission

-          Potential Values of Mission History for the Future of the Church


The Symposium addresses people who are interested in historical, theological and sociological questions and research.


If required, we will gladly send additional programs in hard copy and you can visit our website:


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Salome Marschall,


We are looking forward to your attendance!




Yours faithfully

Mission 21 - Protestant Mission Basel



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