Liang A-Fa: China’s First Preacher, 1789-1855

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Liang A-Fa: China's First Preacher, 1789-1855 (Studies in Chinese Christianity) Paperback – March 13, 2014

by George Hunter McNeur (Author), Jonathan A. Seitz (Editor)

'Liang Fa holds a unique place in the history of Christianity in China. Baptized and ordained by the first Protestant missionaries to China, Liang aided the first two generations of missionaries and conducted his own work as an evangelist and writer. Liang alone in the first generation wrote and published under his name, and his most famous tract is believed to have influenced the Taiping Rebellion. While George McNeur's biography of Liang has been republished regularly in Chinese, this is the first republication in English since the 1930s. It remains the best work on an influential but little-studied figure. Annotated and with a critical introduction, this work seeks to revive scholarship on Liang as we approach the two-hundredth anniversary of his baptism.'



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