Lian Xi. Redeemed by Fire: The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China (2010)

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Redeemed by Fire: The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China

Subtitle:The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China
Lian, XI
Publisher:Yale University Press
Subject:China Church history 20th century.
Subject:Christianity - History - General
Subject:Modern - 20th Century
Subject:Asia - China
Publication Date:February 2010
Dimensions:9.30x6.30x1.20 in. 1.35 lbs.

This book is the first to address the history and future of homegrown,
mass Chinese Christianity. Drawing on a large collection of fresh
sources—including contemporaneous accounts, diaries, memoirs, archival
material, and interviews—Lian Xi traces the transformation of
Protestant Christianity in twentieth-century China from a small,
beleaguered “missionary” church buffeted by antiforeignism to an
indigenous popular religion energized by nationalism and
millenarianism. Lian shows that, with a current membership that rivals
that of the Chinese Communist Party, and the ability to galvanize
China’s millions into apocalyptic convulsion and messianic exuberance,
the popular Christian movement channels the aspirations and the
discontent of the masses and will play an important role in shaping
the country’s future.

Lian Xi is professor of history at Hanover College and author of The
Conversion of Missionaries: Liberalism in American Protestant Missions
in China, 1907–1932.  He lives in Louisville, KY.



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