Davies, Hannah. Among Hills and Valleys in Western China: Incidents of Missionary Work (2010)

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Among Hills and Valleys in Western China: Incidents of Missionary Work

Published by Cambridge University Press

Authors:   Davies, Hannah  Bird, Isabella L.
ISBN: 978 1 108 01388 8
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
List price(s): 18.99 GBP
Publication date: 3 June 2010

Short description

A detailed account of missionary work in nineteenth-century China by
Hannah Davies.

Full description

Among Hills and Valleys in Western China, first published in 1901, is
a detailed and accurate picture of missionary work undertaken by Miss
Hannah Davies, who had made it her life's work to tour the Chinese
provinces and preach her Christian belief, as well as encouraging
local people to build places of worship and also helping those in
poverty. Some of the sketches of life and character are
extraordinarily descriptive and beautiful, and a remarkable journey is
described in this series of letters and journal extracts. There is,
amongst other stories, a fascinating account of an assembly addressed
by Bishop Cassells, the first Protestant bishop in western China, and
his heartfelt pleas to the people to help build a new church. The book
is well illustrated, with an introduction by Isabella Bird (now Mrs J.
F. Bishop), the nineteenth-century British missionary, travel writer
and historian.

Table of contents

Preface; Introduction Isabella Bishop;

1. The journey to China;
2. China at last;
3. Christmas in China;
4. One of his jewels;
5. 'Is it for me?';
6. Life at Lang-Cheo;
7. En route for the far west;
8. Sent back;
9. Ta-Ku-T'ang;
10. Up the Yang-Tsi again;
11. By sedan-chair through Si-Ch'uan;
12. Arrival at Sin-Tien-Tsi;
13. What God hath wrought;
14. China's sorrow;
15. Visiting the villages;
16. Daybreak in the valleys;
17. Our boys' school;
18. In and out among the people;
19. 'Found of him';
20. Seekers after God;
21. 'From strength to strength';
22. Through riverside markets;
23. Shadows and sunshine;
24. Day by day;
25. 'Made nigh';
26. The opening of the chapel;
27. Under his shadow;
28. The little runaway;
29. 'White unto harvest';
30. Gathered home;
31. 'God meant it for good';
32. Signs of blessing;
33. More baptisms;
34. Trouble in the north;
35. How the promise was fulfilled;
36. Resume of the work of the past year.

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