The CCCW essay writing competition on Christianity in East Asia

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The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide (CCCW) invites students of post-graduate degrees and those who have recently completed (MA, PhD and equivalents) to enter an essay writing competition of between 5,000 and 6,000 words on any aspect of Christianity in East Asia. Submissions from the fields of theology, history and the social sciences are all welcome.

The winning entry will be considered for possible publication by the editor of the peer-reviewed journal, Studies in World Christianity (Edinburgh University Press). The writer of the winning entry will also receive a prize of £500. S/he and two runners up will also receive a year’s subscription to Studies in World Christianity.

The closing date for this year’s competition is 31st July 2015.

Submissions should made electronically and should be sent to Mrs Polly Keen, CCCW administrator,

The CCCW is grateful to Dr Victor Chua and anonymous donors for making possible the awarding of this prize.



5,000-6,000 words not including footnotes.
Please supply a front cover with the title of essay, your name, and institution/affiliation and separately write a short paragraph of bio data. This will not be seen by the judges until after a decision has been made. Do not imbed personal information into your essay (eg in footnotes).
The CCCW shall administer the award. The competition will be judged by the editor and members of the editorial board of SWC. The editor may decide to publish more than one essay.
There are no restrictions in terms of style etc. for the prize submission. However, should the paper be published, adherence to the style, format reference apparatus of the publisher will be required [see for more details].
The prize will be paid in pounds sterling. The CCCW cannot cover transfer or bank charges.
A formal announcement of the prize will be made on the CCCW website.

East Asia includes the countries of Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Republic of China, Indonesia, North and South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Timor Leste, Thailand, Vietnam.

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