CALL FOR PAPERS, European Jesuits in China (16th-18th)

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CALL FOR PAPERS European Jesuits in China (16th-18th): The Impact of Jesuits on the Development of Modern Chinese Science

Asian Studies The Autumn issue 2015 will be dedicated to the work of European Jesuits in China from 16th till 18th centuries. The main purpose of this issue is to further explore the role of Jesuits on the development of modern Chinese science. More specifically, this issue seeks to offer new insights in Jesuit`s contribution to development of the astronomy, cartography and mathematical sciences with special focuses on astronomical instruments and the work of Jesuits in the imperial Board of Astronomy. We welcome papers from scholars, researchers, PhD students and other who have expertise in the above mentioned topic.


Previous not published articles are to be submitted online ( by the 30th June 2015.


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Information for Authors

- The manuscript should be original, and has not been published previously. Do not submit material that is currently being considered by another journal.

- Manuscripts may be 8000-10000 words or longer if approved by the editor, including an abstract, texts, tables, footnotes, appendixes, and references. The title should be on page 1 and not exceed 15 words, and should be followed by an abstract of 100 words. 3-5 keywords or key phrases are required.

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